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Rising Dawn Ceramics

Wheel Throwing Course

Wheel Throwing Course

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Welcome to our Pottery Wheel Throwing Course, where we'll embark on a six-session journey filled with clay and creativity! This course is designed for anyone eager to dive into the wonderful world of pottery, whether you're a total newbie or just looking to brush up on your skills. Sketchbooks included! 

Session Breakdown:

  1. Throwing (Session 1)

    • Get ready to get your hands dirty as we jump right into throwing on the pottery wheel!

    • Learn the basics of centering clay, pulling up those walls, and shaping your very own creations.

  2. Trimming and attachments(Session 2)

    • It's time to give your creations that polished look with some trimming and attachments.

    • Practice the art of trimming and adding handles or funky details to your pieces.

  3. Practice Makes Perfect (Session 3)

    • Time to roll up your sleeves and practice, practice, practice!

    • Our instructors will be on hand to offer tips, tricks, and encouragement as you refine your skills.

  4. More Play, Less Work (Session 4)

    • Let loose and unleash your creativity with another round of practice.

    • Try out new techniques, experiment with shapes!

  5. Glaze Party (Session 5)

    • Get ready to dip, pour and brush your way through our glazing workshop.

    • Experiment with different glazes, colors, and techniques to make your pottery pop.

  6. Wrap up (Session 6)

    • Finish glazing any remaining work while there is still time- you can come back later to pick them up!

    • Display your finished pieces, swap stories with your fellow potters, and celebrate your progress.

Cant make it to one of the practice sessions? Not a problem- you can stop by the studio during open hours to make up that time on the wheel!

All glaze and clay included. This class is best suited for ages 16 and up. 

Let's get our hands dirty!

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