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Rising Dawn Ceramics

Youth Clay Academy

Youth Clay Academy

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Youth Clay Academy spans eight sessions and is tailored for budding artists aged 8-14, aiming to provide a well rounded understanding of ceramic arts through hand building and wheel throwing techniques. This class will dive into pinch pots, coiling, slab building, wheel throwing, glazing, and attachment methods, with extra time for practice and project development. Sketchbooks included! 

Session 1: Introduction to Clay and Pinch Pot Technique

Session 2: Coiling Technique

Session 3: Slab Building Technique

Session 4: Project Planning and Wheel Throwing Demo

Session 5: Hands-On: Wheel Throwing and Hand Building

Session 6: Hands-On: Wheel Throwing and Hand Building (Continued)

Session 7: Project Development

Session 8: Glazing and Final Touches

Materials Included:

  • Clay 
  • Pottery wheel
  • Basic pottery tools 
  • Kiln
  • Glazes
  • Brushes and other glazing tools
  • Aprons and towels

Minimum of 6 students required.

Cant make it to a session? No worries, we can catch you up on what you missed!

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